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Artesia: Groundwater - Geothermal Energy - Soils & Rocks

Groundwater – Geothermal Energy – Soils & Rocks

  • Harnessing and developing groundwater

  • Specialized expertise and advice

  • Customized and creative Solutions

  • High technical value advising

ARTESIA Environment was founded by 4 geological engineers, passionate about hydrogeology, applied to sensitive and complex contexts.

Building on the 50 years of combined successful experience of its founders, ARTESIA Environment is a key player in integrating:

  • Environmental solutions that are relevant, cost-effective, and adapted to its customers, with attention to quality control and integrity

  • Strategies, support, effective communication with the supervisory authorities and in-house

  • The development of ergonomic softwares that can be used independently by its customers to manage, anticipate complex underground phenomena and scale solutions in time to optimize their responsible care

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